Shiloh-May 4, 2010

I just finished this great book, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. This book made me really want to do everything I can to get something I love. I can connect to this because my father once did everything he could and made some courageous stands to ensure the safety of his children. This connection helped me because I knew how Marty felt when he really wanted something. I understood the situation. This is a just right book because there was nothing about the descriptions that I couldn't visualize and I always knew what happened and why.

Marty really changed because in the beginning he didn't think that a dog could change his life. But later on he believed and he did all he could to get Shiloh, the dog. It did change his life. It changed his family's life. The other character I think that changed is Marty's dad, Mr. Preston. In the beginning he didn't really believe that Marty would be able to get Shiloh. He cared about Shiloh but he didn't bother to try to get him. He followed all the rules of the town. Whatever the town wouldn't think was a good idea, he wouldn't do. By the end, he came out of the box. He started to believe when Shiloh stayed at their house for a week. He started to try. Without this change, the family would not have Shiloh and I think that Marty caused his father to change.

The real problem in this story was that Shiloh was in the wrong hands. He could die being treated like that. Judd kicked him and barely fed him. Marty had to get Shiloh. The problem was resolved when Judd finally gave up and the dog was Marty's. Judd had different ways of not getting in trouble and keeping Shiloh. But finally he just gave up when he saw what Marty did for that dog. He could have continued to be a jerk and keep Shiloh, but maybe some sense was finally knocked into him. If I could change something it would be that Judd went to jail at the end for mistreating animals and even killing an out of season doe and one of his dogs. That would delete Marty's worries because he still has to see Judd be cruel to these beautiful animals. There could still be more problems unless Judd changes. I think the message for this book is that you have to believe in the unexpected sometimes, just give it a chance. You never know what could happen. Believe.

Stormbreaker- April 22 2010

I really enjoyed reading this thrilling book, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. This book made me feel like the main character would always succeed but in crucial moments I thought he would fail. It is a real page-turner. I had a connection to a movie when Alex doubted he had any chance to survive when he was captured. But it ended up that he was tricked into being thrown into a capture that would lead up to a more painful death. That was when he knew he had a chance to survive. So it helped me because I knew he felt like he had to do everything perfectly to survive and I knew how intense it was. This is a just right book for me because I love action and and thrilling moments and it has plenty of those. It also descriptions that let me picture everything and not get confused.

Alex became a lot more alert and aware through this book when he realized what danger he was in. He didn't think it was that big at the beginning and that there would be anything wrong with Herod Sayle but as he investigated he saw it was big stuff. He never had any prior experience and I think he did a great job of being aware and careful with every move. I think that Alan Blunt also changed because he thought that Alex would not do very well and he was basically just throwing him out on a suicide mission. He realized he should have faith in Alex and I think that this faith will let Alex go on highly dangerous missions in the future. I don't blame him for not having faith in an inexperienced 14 year old but after he saves all of England's students, I would reconsider that.

The problem was that Britain school kids would all be killed if Herod Sayle proceeded with his plan. But Alex was put in as a spy with many high-tech gadgets to see if Herod Sayle was up to something and he was. Alex had to get more information and put the evil man to a stop before he causes major destruction. He is very smart and he is not afraid. He used his curiosity to his advantage going wherever it took him. He went into caves even and that was how he found out the plans. He was caught spying on the secret places in Sayle Enterprises and he was going to be killed then escaped. He jumped off a plane and landed where the killing of the children would begin and shot Herod Sayle. It wasn't over yet. Herod disappeared and later came to MI6 ( the intelligence agency Alex was working for) and captured Alex. The most feared killer in the mission Yassen Gregorovich unexpectedly came and shot Herod to death. Alex didn't dare try and kill Yassen. They left each other peacefully and Alex returned to his normal life.

Vicksburg- March 15 2010

I really enjoyed reading this book, Vicksburg by Mary Ann Fraser. It was filled with interesting plans and was suspenseful. It made me worried, nervous and impatient. I had a connection when the battle was in action because in the movie Blue and the Gray there was the same battle and it really helped me imagine it. I could see what was happening in the book. This is a just right book because I found it interesting and I could understand everything. I knew what was happening at all times.

General Ulysses S. Grant always seemed to be cool about everything and he was really determined to conquer Vicksburg. He knew he was going to make a plan and it was going to work. I thought Confederate General Lee was always very cautious and safe. He wanted nothing tragic to happen. He wanted no mistakes.

There was different problems for the different armies. The Union had to be able to conquer Vicksburg in order to win this war. Or else the Confederate army could stay strong with the base of their defenses being Vicksburg. The Confederate army had to try to defend Vicksburg or else the war would change. They did not solve this problem but the Union solved theirs. I would change that the Union army came up with a plan faster but the C0mfederate army had a counter one. I think the author's message is that sometimes you have to take risks.

Perloo the Bold- March 1

Dear Mr.Daw,

I really liked reading Perloo the Bold by Avi. It was full of suspense and it really hooked me into it. It made me feel worried and scared almost as if I was in the story. I ended up glad because Perloo had succeeded. I have a connection to real life when no one was believing someone that they were supposed to be something really great. This helped me understand how others felt of Perloo while they thought he was lying. This is a just right book for me because I understood the words and I always knew what was happening. I was never confused.

Perloo really changed in this book because he used to want no part of anything and he didn't want to be very important. He led a very boring life until he changed Montmer history. He had to make very tough decisions during his journey. It was these crucial spots that changed him. The second character that changed a lot was Lucabara. The only reason she went to Perloo is because Granter Jolaine ordered her to get him. She had no faith in him to complete such an important and difficult task. Later on she realized that Perloo wasn't doing that bad and that maybe he could do it. This made her think that the most unlikely of things can happen.

The problem was resolved by Perloo defeating Senyous in a pike battle when the war was starting. Perloo faced someone from his own tribe because he was brought in by the Felbarts and they commanded him to fight against Senyous. Perloo ended the war instantly after this then went to make a speech at the Central tribe. There was now peace between the Felbarts and the Montmers. Perloo's speech said how he would bring back all Montmer freedoms and that he would not be granter. Instead, all of the tribe made the decisions. Everyone liked this idea. He was finally allowed to go back home to peace after making many lives better. If I were to change something I would make it that Perloo would get a burrow someone near the Central Tribe hall so he could still have an interesting life. Since he went home he would have boring times just reading books all the time. I think that the message for this book is to try new things. Perloo tried something different and succeeded. It can make you a more "thought of" person.

Buck McHenry- December 15 2009

My reading response journal entry is on the book Buck McHenry by Alfred Slote. This book filled me with shock and made me surprised a lot. One of my text to self connections was when Mack Henry lied he was a famous baseball player like my friend who lied his dad was one. This book is good for me because it never confused me and is very interesting.

In this book, Aaron changed a lot. He used to be drowned in stress, and now is always up and out with his friends. His grandfather made him change by lying he was a famous negro league baseball player. This inspired to play baseball again and he joined Jason's new team. Jason also changed a lot. When Jason thought Mr. Henry was Buck McHenry, he was always very excited. But when he overheard a conversation and learned that Mr. Henry was only Mack Henry, he was just back to normal. He handled this news well, didn't get depressed and was still happy that Mr. Henry was going to be his new coach.

The real problem in this story was that everybody thought that Mack Henry was Buck McHenry. This rumor was spread almost to national television. It was resolved when there was a sports show about Mack Henry and it explained all of the confusion. Throughout this problem, Jason got a new baseball team and two new friends. If I could something about this book it would be that Jason got credit for everything that happened on the sports show. I think the author's message is to be yourself. While Mr. Henry was acting as Buck McHenry he felt guilty and depressed.

The Sign of the Bevear Summary December 4 2009

Matt is only 12 years old, yet with a huge responsibility. His family left him at the cabin alone. But in these days, kids usually knew how to survive on their own. He always feels like someone is watching him. He tries out his father's gun and soon gets used to it. But one day, a bear breaks into the cabin and eats all of his sugar. He goes out and finds a bee hive and tries to get honey. Not smart. He ends up soaked with a sprained ankle on the side of the stream. The Native Americans saved him. They gave him medicine and treated his ankle. Matt then knew they were watching him. A native named Saknis, began to make his grandson deliver Matt a daily need of food. It was part of an agreement. Matt would teach Attean ( Saknis's grandson) to read while the Natives would supply Matt with food. Matt and Attean usually went out hunting and Matt always learned knew things.

One day Matt was invited to have dinner with the Natives. It was amazing because that never happens. Soon after, Attean left to find his manatew. Matt was lonely. When Attean came back, Matt was asked to move with the Natives because Winter was coming. Matt still believed his family would come back. He kept thinking, but still believed in his family. So the Natives left, but Matt's family came back. It was back to normal.

The Whipping Boy December 3rd 2009

Prince Brat and Jemmy ran away from the castle. It was Prince Brat's idea. But during their voyage they were captured by two cutthroats, Cutwater and Billy. They made Jemmy write a note to the king for he had acted as the prince. The note explained how they had been captured and the cutthroats would trade for gold. Jemmy made a plan for Prince Brat to get back to the castle. Since the cutthroats thought that Prince Brat was the royal whipping boy he would be sent back to deliver the note and just stay at the castle. But Prince Brat did not want to go back to the castle. Jemmy and Prince Brat ran from the shack. They lost the two cutthroats in the forest. Jemmy and Prince Brat wandered along the forest and found a woman looking for her bear. She told them where the river was. A hot potato man in a wagon came by. Jemmy and Prince Brat were on their way to the fair. But soon they got pulled over by Billy and Cutwater. They whipped the Prince but he did not yell in pain. Out of nowhere, the bear called Petunia came in and chased the outlaws away.

Prince Brat and Jemmy went to the sewers. Same with Cutwater and Billy. The outlaws were not experienced in the sewers like Jemmy. Cutwater and Billy were easily chased out by a swarm of rats.

Lemmy and the prince went back to the castle and no longer was Prince Brat a brat. He was Prince Horace.