Vicksburg- March 15 2010

I really enjoyed reading this book, Vicksburg by Mary Ann Fraser. It was filled with interesting plans and was suspenseful. It made me worried, nervous and impatient. I had a connection when the battle was in action because in the movie Blue and the Gray there was the same battle and it really helped me imagine it. I could see what was happening in the book. This is a just right book because I found it interesting and I could understand everything. I knew what was happening at all times.

General Ulysses S. Grant always seemed to be cool about everything and he was really determined to conquer Vicksburg. He knew he was going to make a plan and it was going to work. I thought Confederate General Lee was always very cautious and safe. He wanted nothing tragic to happen. He wanted no mistakes.

There was different problems for the different armies. The Union had to be able to conquer Vicksburg in order to win this war. Or else the Confederate army could stay strong with the base of their defenses being Vicksburg. The Confederate army had to try to defend Vicksburg or else the war would change. They did not solve this problem but the Union solved theirs. I would change that the Union army came up with a plan faster but the C0mfederate army had a counter one. I think the author's message is that sometimes you have to take risks.