Perloo the Bold- March 1

Dear Mr.Daw,

I really liked reading Perloo the Bold by Avi. It was full of suspense and it really hooked me into it. It made me feel worried and scared almost as if I was in the story. I ended up glad because Perloo had succeeded. I have a connection to real life when no one was believing someone that they were supposed to be something really great. This helped me understand how others felt of Perloo while they thought he was lying. This is a just right book for me because I understood the words and I always knew what was happening. I was never confused.

Perloo really changed in this book because he used to want no part of anything and he didn't want to be very important. He led a very boring life until he changed Montmer history. He had to make very tough decisions during his journey. It was these crucial spots that changed him. The second character that changed a lot was Lucabara. The only reason she went to Perloo is because Granter Jolaine ordered her to get him. She had no faith in him to complete such an important and difficult task. Later on she realized that Perloo wasn't doing that bad and that maybe he could do it. This made her think that the most unlikely of things can happen.

The problem was resolved by Perloo defeating Senyous in a pike battle when the war was starting. Perloo faced someone from his own tribe because he was brought in by the Felbarts and they commanded him to fight against Senyous. Perloo ended the war instantly after this then went to make a speech at the Central tribe. There was now peace between the Felbarts and the Montmers. Perloo's speech said how he would bring back all Montmer freedoms and that he would not be granter. Instead, all of the tribe made the decisions. Everyone liked this idea. He was finally allowed to go back home to peace after making many lives better. If I were to change something I would make it that Perloo would get a burrow someone near the Central Tribe hall so he could still have an interesting life. Since he went home he would have boring times just reading books all the time. I think that the message for this book is to try new things. Perloo tried something different and succeeded. It can make you a more "thought of" person.

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