The Whipping Boy December 3rd 2009

Prince Brat and Jemmy ran away from the castle. It was Prince Brat's idea. But during their voyage they were captured by two cutthroats, Cutwater and Billy. They made Jemmy write a note to the king for he had acted as the prince. The note explained how they had been captured and the cutthroats would trade for gold. Jemmy made a plan for Prince Brat to get back to the castle. Since the cutthroats thought that Prince Brat was the royal whipping boy he would be sent back to deliver the note and just stay at the castle. But Prince Brat did not want to go back to the castle. Jemmy and Prince Brat ran from the shack. They lost the two cutthroats in the forest. Jemmy and Prince Brat wandered along the forest and found a woman looking for her bear. She told them where the river was. A hot potato man in a wagon came by. Jemmy and Prince Brat were on their way to the fair. But soon they got pulled over by Billy and Cutwater. They whipped the Prince but he did not yell in pain. Out of nowhere, the bear called Petunia came in and chased the outlaws away.

Prince Brat and Jemmy went to the sewers. Same with Cutwater and Billy. The outlaws were not experienced in the sewers like Jemmy. Cutwater and Billy were easily chased out by a swarm of rats.

Lemmy and the prince went back to the castle and no longer was Prince Brat a brat. He was Prince Horace.

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