Buck McHenry- December 15 2009

My reading response journal entry is on the book Buck McHenry by Alfred Slote. This book filled me with shock and made me surprised a lot. One of my text to self connections was when Mack Henry lied he was a famous baseball player like my friend who lied his dad was one. This book is good for me because it never confused me and is very interesting.

In this book, Aaron changed a lot. He used to be drowned in stress, and now is always up and out with his friends. His grandfather made him change by lying he was a famous negro league baseball player. This inspired to play baseball again and he joined Jason's new team. Jason also changed a lot. When Jason thought Mr. Henry was Buck McHenry, he was always very excited. But when he overheard a conversation and learned that Mr. Henry was only Mack Henry, he was just back to normal. He handled this news well, didn't get depressed and was still happy that Mr. Henry was going to be his new coach.

The real problem in this story was that everybody thought that Mack Henry was Buck McHenry. This rumor was spread almost to national television. It was resolved when there was a sports show about Mack Henry and it explained all of the confusion. Throughout this problem, Jason got a new baseball team and two new friends. If I could something about this book it would be that Jason got credit for everything that happened on the sports show. I think the author's message is to be yourself. While Mr. Henry was acting as Buck McHenry he felt guilty and depressed.

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  1. I enjoyed this blog post. I think lying can sometimes be good. Mr. Henry maybe just wanted Jason that he was Buck McHenry so that Jason will trust him. I liked how you included how Jason felt about Mr. Henry is not really Buck McHenry because I would wonder how Jason felt. Did Mack Henry tell everybody that he was Buck McHenry?