Shiloh-May 4, 2010

I just finished this great book, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. This book made me really want to do everything I can to get something I love. I can connect to this because my father once did everything he could and made some courageous stands to ensure the safety of his children. This connection helped me because I knew how Marty felt when he really wanted something. I understood the situation. This is a just right book because there was nothing about the descriptions that I couldn't visualize and I always knew what happened and why.

Marty really changed because in the beginning he didn't think that a dog could change his life. But later on he believed and he did all he could to get Shiloh, the dog. It did change his life. It changed his family's life. The other character I think that changed is Marty's dad, Mr. Preston. In the beginning he didn't really believe that Marty would be able to get Shiloh. He cared about Shiloh but he didn't bother to try to get him. He followed all the rules of the town. Whatever the town wouldn't think was a good idea, he wouldn't do. By the end, he came out of the box. He started to believe when Shiloh stayed at their house for a week. He started to try. Without this change, the family would not have Shiloh and I think that Marty caused his father to change.

The real problem in this story was that Shiloh was in the wrong hands. He could die being treated like that. Judd kicked him and barely fed him. Marty had to get Shiloh. The problem was resolved when Judd finally gave up and the dog was Marty's. Judd had different ways of not getting in trouble and keeping Shiloh. But finally he just gave up when he saw what Marty did for that dog. He could have continued to be a jerk and keep Shiloh, but maybe some sense was finally knocked into him. If I could change something it would be that Judd went to jail at the end for mistreating animals and even killing an out of season doe and one of his dogs. That would delete Marty's worries because he still has to see Judd be cruel to these beautiful animals. There could still be more problems unless Judd changes. I think the message for this book is that you have to believe in the unexpected sometimes, just give it a chance. You never know what could happen. Believe.

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