Stormbreaker- April 22 2010

I really enjoyed reading this thrilling book, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. This book made me feel like the main character would always succeed but in crucial moments I thought he would fail. It is a real page-turner. I had a connection to a movie when Alex doubted he had any chance to survive when he was captured. But it ended up that he was tricked into being thrown into a capture that would lead up to a more painful death. That was when he knew he had a chance to survive. So it helped me because I knew he felt like he had to do everything perfectly to survive and I knew how intense it was. This is a just right book for me because I love action and and thrilling moments and it has plenty of those. It also descriptions that let me picture everything and not get confused.

Alex became a lot more alert and aware through this book when he realized what danger he was in. He didn't think it was that big at the beginning and that there would be anything wrong with Herod Sayle but as he investigated he saw it was big stuff. He never had any prior experience and I think he did a great job of being aware and careful with every move. I think that Alan Blunt also changed because he thought that Alex would not do very well and he was basically just throwing him out on a suicide mission. He realized he should have faith in Alex and I think that this faith will let Alex go on highly dangerous missions in the future. I don't blame him for not having faith in an inexperienced 14 year old but after he saves all of England's students, I would reconsider that.

The problem was that Britain school kids would all be killed if Herod Sayle proceeded with his plan. But Alex was put in as a spy with many high-tech gadgets to see if Herod Sayle was up to something and he was. Alex had to get more information and put the evil man to a stop before he causes major destruction. He is very smart and he is not afraid. He used his curiosity to his advantage going wherever it took him. He went into caves even and that was how he found out the plans. He was caught spying on the secret places in Sayle Enterprises and he was going to be killed then escaped. He jumped off a plane and landed where the killing of the children would begin and shot Herod Sayle. It wasn't over yet. Herod disappeared and later came to MI6 ( the intelligence agency Alex was working for) and captured Alex. The most feared killer in the mission Yassen Gregorovich unexpectedly came and shot Herod to death. Alex didn't dare try and kill Yassen. They left each other peacefully and Alex returned to his normal life.


  1. Wow, I think that you did a very good job wording your paragraphs. You really helped me picture hat was happening in Alex's mind and also gave me a sketch of the story. I think you may used the word kill, in all tenses, a little much, but otherwise, as I said before worded everything with phenomenal word choice. I did have miss understanding though. You talked about Harold Sayle, and how he was mad at Alex and then this Yassen Gregorovich guy killed him. Who exactly is Yassen Gregorovich? Does he work with Alex? Other then that I got a clear picture and enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Great job! Your blog awesome because you describe all the important bits and did great on talking about how the characters change through out the book. You are making me want to read this story because you describe this book with such good descriptions and intensity. The only thing is you didn't say much about Yassen because seems to be a major person because he killed Herod and you didn't tell us about why Yassen was the most feared killer and why he killed Herod.