The Slippery Slope-November 16 2009

The Slippery Slope is the tenth book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. The author is Lemony Snicket. This book made me be really confused because of all of the mysteries and feel sad for the Baudelaires because their lives have really taken a tumble. My connection was to the book before this in the series when there was a fire just like in this book. Fires have always been there to destroy the Baudelaires beloved ones and places and this time, fire burnt down the V.F.D. Headquarters. This book uses new words for me but Lemony Snicket includes the definition of the word for that situation. (I learned the word optimistic in book three.)

Quigley Quagmire and Sunny Baudelaire really changed throughout this book. Quigley, who was thought to be dead actually had more hope and joy when he found the Baudelaires. He had been living with a Snow Scout Troupe and trying to find the mystery of V.F.D.. He was always bored and lonely until he finally met the Baudelaires in person. Quigley quickly became his old self again, exciting and joyful. But Sunny the 3 year old young girl (she claims she is not a baby anymore) on the other hand is with Count Olaf and his villanous friends on top of the mountain. She has to make meals for them which is ridiculous and sleeps in the trunk of Count Olaf's car. She changed from being no use for figuring out Olaf's traps and other mysteries but she can speak full sentences now and is using her young intelligence. She was able to trick the villians that she is a helpless baby so she could eavesdrop to get some important information. She also made some good food for her enemies.

The problem wasn't really resolved because they are still in despair and need a miracle but at least they were not captured by the villains. At the end the mountain's ice cracked and the 4 of them went down on a toboggan. But Quigley lost grip and fell off. The rushing water rerouted him but he is still alive. He said to meet up at the last safe place which Sunny found out is Hotel Denouement. If I change something something about this book I would make it that someone called the cops and they arrested the villains. Then there would be no problem at all.I think that the author's message is life will not always go your way and sometimes you will be very unlucky.

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