The Well - November 3rd, 2009

The book I am doing a reader's response journal on is The Well, by Mary Stolz. This book made me feel as if I was in the situation. It was very interesting and descriptive. It also made me feel bad for the Logan family because they had no rights just they are African-American. It also made me have a grudge against the Simms family because they lied just to get Hammer and David Logan in trouble.

I had a text to text connection from this book to the biography of Harriet Tubman. Just like in Harriet Tubman's biography, the white men were mean and cruel and always blamed everything on the African-Americans. This connection helped me understand why some of the white men were very cruel to the African-Americans.

The two characters that I think changed very much during the story are Charlie and Ed-Rose Simms. In the beginning and through most of the story, they thought they could do anything they wanted to do to David and Hammer, but at the end they got in a lot of trouble. That is how they changed. Why they changed is because they put a skunk in the Logan's well and their dad had them whipped so they never messed with David and Hammer again.

The big problem in the story was that Charlie and Ed-Rose weren't getting in trouble for things they did and instead David and Hammer were. The problem was solved when Charlie and Ed-Rose put a skunk in the Logan's well and David and Hammer said that the Simms boys did it and of course Charlie and Ed-Rose declined. Everyone finally believed David and Hammer and Charlie and Ed-Rose got in big trouble and could not go out and lie anymore. The solution made me feel very relieved because David and Hammer were not going to get in trouble for nothing anymore. I think the author's message is if you cause trouble, you'll be in trouble.

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  1. Sometimes the world can be a cruel place and history is complete with many stories of such treatment. The one thing that these kinds of stories do for us is help to understand the two sides of the problem. Hopefully we will not make the same mistakes again a second time - although that is not always the case.
    Do you think the punishment dealt to Charlie and Ed-Rose was appropriate and enough to make sure they do not repeat their actions? Sometimes I wonder if people really do learn their lessons or if they are just lead to do more secretive things.